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About Me


My name is Liz Firestone; and I'm a nurse practitioner. I've been performing aesthetic procedures for the past 10 years (including my own). Nothing makes me happier than seeing a client smile after seeing their treatment results. In a way, I am simply helping the client to see their own natural beauty from a new perspective. I treat my clients the same way that I want to be treated; therefore, I take my time performing aesthetic procedures. That client is a walking billboard of my personal skills, and I want it to be one that is awe-inspiring.

I practiced in Dermatology for four years before performing aesthetic procedures. I believe good skincare starts with quality products; therefore, I'm choosing to sell the Skin Medica line at a discounted rate (less than the manufacturer suggested retail prices). Everyone has a different price point, and for those who would like a less expensive line, I'm happy to accommodate them as well. It's my goal for all my clients to love their professional services and products. Being honest with a client about aesthetic services is by far the most important aspect of my job. If I feel that I can't successfully and safely perform what a client desires, I am happy to refer to a colleague. 

My educational journey: I was born in New Jersey but grew up in Iowa. I was the youngest of six children (the oops baby). I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be a nurse. Unfortunately, my parents had a volatile relationship; and I spent a fair amount of time in the emergency room while my mom was being treated. The ER nurse, Roxie, was always so comforting. I knew that I wanted to offer that sincerity and compassion to others someday.

I became a nurse’s aide at the age of 16 and began working in nursing homes. After high school I completed my 3-year Nursing Diploma at Iowa Methodist School of Nursing in Des Moines, Iowa. Then finished my BSN, Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Iowa at a satellite site in Spencer, Iowa. Finally, I completed my MSN, Master of Science in Nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Drake University in 2001.

After graduation, I moved to Lincoln in May 2001 and dabbled in cardiology, gastroenterology, and internal medicine for a few years before discovering dermatology which I really enjoyed. I worked for Dr. Rodney Basler who was a brilliant Dermatologist. I primarily treated patients with acne, eczema, and performed the skin laser treatments on psoriasis patients. You can’t put a price tag on seeing a child’s self-esteem improve after clearing their acne; or feeling the warmth of a hug from a happy mother after improving her child’s severe eczema (so the child could finally sleep through the night without waking frequently due to severe itching). I had the opportunity to train with a national makeup artist through Colorescience, Michael McCarthy, and then performed makeovers on my acne patients. (Fun fact-I absolutely love makeup!).  

After four years of dermatology, I switched to Interventional Radiology which allowed me to expand on the aesthetic aspects that I loved. I was able to perform Botox injections, dermal fillers for facial rejuvenation, sclerotherapy and Vein Gogh laser for fine spider veins on the face and legs, and professional strength chemical peels.  In August 2020, I began working for an Interventional Radiologist in Omaha. I loved the job; but the commute was dreadful. So, in July 2021, for the first time in my life, I quit my job without having any other prospects on the horizon. After tirelessly searching for a flexible part-time position, I decided to open my own aesthetics practice so I can continue to do what I love. 

In my free time I spend time with my two boys, my fiance, and our fur babies. I love to do various DIY projects. I built my backyard fence with some help, installed a vinyl plank floor which included cutting most of the floor trim, helped frame/finish my last basement, but most of all... I LOVE PAINTING!! Everything from walls, countertops, and old furniture to home decor signs and canvases. I am looking forward to working with each and every one of you, both former clients and new. Let the adventure begin!!